Why a keyless bike lock?

Why a keyless bike lock?

I’ve used my self-built electric cargo bikes for years as my daily transportation. Multiple bikes meant many keys to fiddle with. I have five kids who also use the bikes, so you can imagine the hours I spent searching the house for keys, only to find out my teenage daughter forgot to leave it and brought it to school. I realized that a smart lock was needed. A smart lock that was controlled from our devices, so as to not have to keep track of keys. With O-lock, we all have access to the bikes with a click on the phone. 

I wanted to add extra convenience to the lock. I searched the market for smart bike locks, only to find they all have a battery lifetime of 2-3 months. By using CR123 replaceable batteries, locking it manually, and not having an alarm, I’ve extended the battery life to 2+ years, giving you freedom to not worry about charging your lock on any given day.

We are committed to adding extra convenience to your daily favored transportation - the iron horse. By upgrading your mechanical lock to a Bluetooth smart lock, we provide instant control and convenience: No more losing or forgetting bike keys / Smooth key sharing with friends and family / Fewer keys and less fiddling.

Simple, Smart, and Secure.

- Marcus Kjellsson, CEO & Founder

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